Before submission please note that we will consider publishing your startup only in cases when your company/service/application:

  • is not older than 4 years;
  • does not provide local services for your neighbourhood, town. For example, installing windows, grocery store, pizza delivery, or other similar stores or services;
  • does not provide SEO, advertising, finance, software developement and other services;
  • is not usual e-commerce service, e.g. not an online store;
  • is not blog, podcast, channel, etc.;
  • has own domain for your startup/application;
  • has English support.

Be informed that we reserve the right:

  • not to publish your startup even in case when all the rules above are met;
  • change url, pitch, description and image you provided;
  • contact you in case we need to confirm some details.

If you proceed with the submission we consider you agreed with all the rules above.

Please fill out the form. All the fields marked as must be entered. The more information you provide the better.

Image should have aspect ratio 1.91:1 and dimensions size from 1024 x 536 px to 2048 x 1072 px.

If you do not have an image just enter URL of page from which you want us to create the screenshot. Also, you can ask us to create a nice looking image instead of simple page screenshot to represent your startup better. Fore details, see upgrade options after the submission.

Image file should have aspect ratio 1.91:1 and have dimensions from 1024 x 536 px to 2048 x 1072 px. File size should not be more than 500 KB.

If you are submitting web application/service/portal, please, do not check all the platforms below, but just choose WEB.

Keep in mind, that it may take up to 14 days to review and publish your startup. If your startup was not published within the time, most probably it was declined.