digiLab Academy

Building the Best Online Courses for AI/ML.


digiLab Academy distills the cutting-edge AI/ML techniques which are revolutionising industry into beginner friendly courses. In the real world, data is sparse or messy; industry is often working with safety-critical system, that needs novel techniques like Uncertainty Quantification or Probabilistic ML. Our know-how is unique and not accessible to learners on any other course; our curriculums are designed in partnership with clients tackling huge sustainability challenges like next-gen aeroplanes or nuclear fusion. Our typical learner is a graduate or early-stage professional who has quantitative skills or familiarity working with data, but wants to break into the more lucrative field of AI/ML. Our business model is selling subscriptions to high-quality, high-margin courses, with unique content and topics. Our value prop is that the cost of our course can be recouped in half a day's work on the typical ML engineer salary!


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March 31, 2023


March 22, 2023