An Extendable and Highly Customizable Website Builder.

Description, is a free website builder built from the ground up to allow maximum flexibility and customizability. * It's highly customizable: You can click on any element on the page and customize its styling with ease. * It's extendable: Everything in is a block that you can drag and drop onto the page. What makes unique is that you can build your own blocks if you want. * It has a built-in Notion integration: Write in Notion and Design in AlpacApp * You can export your website: If you want to host your landing page or website on your own servers. With a single click, you can download a zip file with the html files, assets and images used in the website. * Inexpensive: offers an always free plan and if you wish, you can subscribe to the premium plan for only $13/month. How is that possible? As opposed to other platforms, we do not spend thousands of dollars sponsoring YouTube videos.


Public beta


  • Website/Web app

Launch date

March 31, 2023


May 05, 2023