A no-code chrome extension for automating the browser, UI-path packaged up like Zapier.


Create browser bots without code. Automate repetitive work. Create browser bots without code and automate repetitive work. All signups receive 2 free hours of runtime in the cloud. Axiom is a no-code browser Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool, backed by YCombinator. Automate web tasks quickly, using only clicking and typing on the user interface of websites and web apps - no coding, API or developer required. New: Zapier App, integrate Zapier with Axiom seamlessly (pro+ tier only) Our new app allows you to trigger and schedule bot runs from Zapier. Data can also be passed from Zapier to and returned via a webhook. New: Axiom Cloud Runner Now all customers can run their bots in the cloud. In addition, concurrent bot runs are available for higher tiers. With Axiom's no-code tool, you can: - Automate UI interactions - Scrape any website - Input data into any web form - Schedule bots from Zapier - Use webhooks to post and receive data - Read and write from Google Sheets - Download and share your automations with other users Use Axiom to automate a variety of tasks, including: - Data scraping - Data entry - Extract, Transform and Load tasks (ETL) - Building social media bots - Moving data between applications - Automation without APIs - Automating workflows within web apps Bots can be built from scratch, or you can start with one of our pre-built recipes and customise it to your needs. All help resources for new users are available here: []( - We are working hard on improving Axiom; we aim to release a new version every two weeks. If you have feedback or need a feature, please get in touch! We also want to support as many people as possible on their bot-building journey. Please send us a video of your use case from our support form - - and if we can help, we will send you back a video tutorial.




  • Website/Web app
  • Chrome extension

Launch date

March 01, 2020


May 13, 2022