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Growing business demands for more features in cybersecurity solutions makes providing security for IoT devices to be difficult. Binare is on a mission to provide the most advanced and efficient solution that checks for vulnerabilities and risk in IoT devices preventing businesses from cyberattacks all around the world. We are proud of our product and have a great ambition of breaking the IoT industry limits and reaching new heights. Binaré offers both professional services and an automated analysis platform to meet various needs for IoT security. Binaré’s advisory services leverage both our automated platform and our team’s expertise to offer penetration testing and detailed cyber security assessments of IoT devices/firmware in an online environment that closely simulates the real-world. The end-users of our platform include but not limited to cybersecurity certification experts, cybersecurity experts & engineers, penetration testers & cybersecurity consultants, cybersecurity tech/team leads & managers, IoT/embedded software developers, Dev(Sec)Ops security-responsible engineers. Binare currently is in the market entry phase, which is done by providing free demo units to companies in order to demonstrate the technology in relevant environments. After Free Trial demo and onboarding process, we offer four packages to purchase in B2B SaaS (on cloud, on premise) model with monthly recurring subscription packages. We complement our business offerings with consultancy and advisory services.


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June 30, 2020


March 03, 2022