Contactbook-Contact Management for Businesses.


Organize, manage and share contacts across your teams so everyone has access to relevant contacts all the time! ContactBook helps you organize your business contacts and keep them shared, so relevant people always have access to them. If contacts are modified, they will be reflected to all shared users. ContactBook makes contact sharing extremely simple and hassle-free. ==Features== * Manage and Share Contacts-You can create, manage & Organize the contacts in the relevant group * Create and Share Workspace-You can create multiple spaces to manage multiple contacts, share space access to other people so they can collaborate * Import Existing Contacts-You can import existing contact or Google/Microsoft Account or export from there and import the CSV or VCF file back to ContactBook. * Take Private & Public Notes-You can store information, can add public as well as private notes which is only visible to the creator. * Add Documents and Tags-You can add documents, images, or any other type of files as attachments to any contact. Can you tag to organize them better. For more info visit


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Launch date

September 01, 2021


November 04, 2021