Indians are significantly under-invested in capital markets because they do not know where to begin or they invest inefficiently. We aim to solve this problem by providing personalized solutions that can help investors reach their financial goals.


Everyone and every website have its investment recommendations. There are just too many of them to make any reasonable sense. E.g., over 2,000 mutual fund schemes are offered across 48 fund categories by 45 Asset Management Companies. Most Indians invest based on what they read/hear and end up with a random collection of investments with no clear strategy. There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty. Daulat is built with a mission to fix that. Daulat is a tech-enabled, wealth-management platform offering all-in-one investing solutions to help Indians invest better. Our mission is to help every Indian achieve true financial well-being. Our unique and proprietary DMAS portfolios follow the art and science of investing. These mutual fund portfolios are diversified across asset classes like domestic equities, international equities, and high-yield bonds to ensure a smoother investing journey.




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Launch date

March 04, 2022


March 22, 2023