Create and send group cards, videos, and gift cards.


Ellacard gives companies an easy and low-cost, yet effective means of improving employee recognition with our group cards, videos, and gift cards. These products help build a stronger sense of community among employees by fostering more personal connections. We spend 1/3rd of our life with our coworkers, during which time we experience special life milestones – birthdays, weddings, babies, and more. We also endure tough times – sickness, accidents, and passings. These are the moments where support from colleagues is crucial, yet 40% of employees feel these events go under-recognized. The problem is not that coworkers don't care, but rather there is a lack of meaningful ways to celebrate and support one another. Physical cards and gifts, group outings, and office parties are great ways to support a colleague but require significant time, organization, and investment. This associated friction results in these types of events happening infrequently, especially in today's more remote work environment. Because of this, the majority of occasions are relegated to a basic email, if anything at all. Our group cards offer a more meaningful, better alternative to email. They are just as quick and easy to make and offer plenty of customization options with text, images, videos, and more. There is no limit to the number of contributors or the number of pages that can be added to a card, and users can sign cards without sharing personal information like their email addresses. Our group videos come with professional quality graphics, can have an unlimited number of contributors add videos, photos, and more, and everything is automatically edited together. With our advanced technology, coworkers can easily contribute to a video, but the result is professional quality. What takes an expert video editor many hours of effort corralling and editing videos, can now be accomplished by anyone in minutes. Our digital gift cards can be attached to our greeting cards and videos. We support a large variety of merchants in many countries around the world, and multiple people can contribute to a single group gift card. With these products, companies can foster a healthy workplace culture by giving employees ways to support one another.




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June 16, 2020


June 06, 2022