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Online Surveys can be boring. A boring and dull interface can simply turn your respondents away. EV Surveys allows you to create beautiful surveys that get responses.


Data is the new oil, gold, or whatever suits you. However, just like oil or gold, it’s hard to extract. EV Surveys make the whole experience of collecting data simple and painless - for you and your respondents giving you a lot of good quality data. You would agree that taking online surveys gives little or no incentive to your respondents. The least you could do is to make the experience a bit nice for them. Introducing EV Surveys which helps you do exactly that. Add to that a host of options to customize the flow of your survey including logic to skip questions based on responses, a complete NPS implementation, and an ability to align the look and feel of the survey to your brand. All this at a fraction of what you pay for some of the fancy tools. Your data is yours, no locks, no eavesdropping. We believe in openly running a business model that works on charging our customers, not stealing their data and making money off it like some big corporations do while giving the tool itself for free. EV Surveys is offered as a Freemium SaaS product. The free plan comes with a complete access to all features of the product and you can try it without a credit card. The Pro plan comes with unlimited access and White labelling.




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Launch date

August 02, 2021


October 06, 2021