Enthu is a conversation intelligence software that derives business insights from conversations done with the prospect or the customer to improve sales performance.


Enthu is a great tool for sales managers who are focussed on improving the quality of the call so that they can close more deals. This tool analyses every conversation and provides insights that can help sales reps to identify their mistakes and work on them on their own without wasting any time. Next, it helps sales managers to identify the strong and weak links in the team. With this information, they can prepare training sessions as per the need of the individual and focus more on fixing the problems. Also, it helps sales leaders to make data-backed decisions that improve the performance of the team. This tool also improves productivity as there is faster and to the point feedback which then leads to faster course correction and as a result, an increase in sales.


Early adopters


  • Website/Web app

Launch date

September 30, 2020


October 16, 2020