A planning system suitable for production agencies, event organizators, wedding agencies, rental services, catering providers and other subjects.


Evesy.io sharply increases your efficiency while working with events, employees, customers, materials and documents. Evesy.io shows you all your past and future events in a well arranged list. Thanks to this overview you can see whom you have organized an event for, how many employees attended the event, which and how many materials were used; and many other useful information. All in just a few clicks. Among advanced functions of the system you will find: central search engine, approval of documents, reporting and tags. The central search engine allows you to quickly find specific data within the system. Optional function called approval of documents will ensure that your employees give their assent to all the necessary documents (such as employment terms or safety regulations) required before they begin working for you; without giving assent to a “mandatory document”, an employee will not be allowed to sign in to any event. Tags can be used in many ways: they can be used to sort events into categories, they can define skills and characteristics of employees or customers, but they can also be used for advanced search and result filtering. Reporting offers an overview of past events, their customer evaluations and tips for possible improvements—as seen by your employees; reporting also offers an overview of your employees’ wages. Evesy.io is a complex tool for keeping track of events and contracts for which you have to manage and put together individual work teams. It simplifies and automates the process of team (and team member) selection for individual tasks. It offers a variety of functions, saving you both time and work.




  • Website/Web app

Launch date

January 01, 2018


November 05, 2019