An end to end project management platform which manages your firm’s issues, supports team collaboration and remote work.


We are on a mission to help teams and individuals achieve peak productivity. Firmbee lets you nurture team work and remote work, automate tasks and give your everyday issues a structure and order. Whether you need an all-in-one software or a personally crafted solution, it will help you with: work organization, project management, team work, recruitments, finances, and invoicing. Projects & kanban boards help leaders and teams - also remote teams organize tasks and automate processes. You can stay updated with all the progress effortlessly - by setting automotive check-ins that will motivate the team to share regular updates. The finance module lets if fully linked with the project module - so we’re able to settle accounts with our team or calculate the project costs or store information for future valuations. Everything is linked together and you gain control of your finances without any effort. There’s an option for free invoicing. You can create an invoice effortlessly based on the information already existing inside the system. And then you can track the clients payments. It’s a brilliant solution for recruiting - this module helps save a lot of time and gain a sense of control over your HR processes. Why? It eliminates recruitment chaos, enables to set recruitment projects, assign tasks to your recruitment team, post job offers, store candidate details and manage HR profiles. So everything is organized in one place.


Early adopters


  • Website/Web app

Launch date

October 01, 2020


January 04, 2022