AI simplified for mobile apps through a no code platform by automating data preparation and the entire ML cycle.


Genbu, an AI startup, aims to solve mobile AI challenges by simplifying AI for mobile apps. Genbu provides mobile apps a no-code platform that accelerates AI production by automating the entire machine learning cycle. With Genbu, mobile apps can now go into production without preparing data, a challenge most companies face. The self-service platform, packed with iOS and Android apps solutions, includes project management tools, ready-made algorithms, an orchestration, and deployment software. Product managers and developers interested in AI but lack ML experience can launch AI instantly onto their app through Genbu's no-code platform. Subscription plans are based on the number of mobile devices used for training and start at zero cost for up to 100,000 devices for one project.




  • Website/Web app

Launch date

September 07, 2021


October 08, 2021