icibot is an application is a bridge between you, your staff and guests. It provides you to all communication and automation to bring your hotel to the future contacltless.


We are building a digital connection between end-to-end hotels and guests! Icibot provides all kinds of communication between you and your guests. This simple application can whisper to your guests whatever you want by easiest way. It is the bridge between you,your guests and your employees. With the application's fast reservation processes, your guests can make a reservation at your hotel and your money will stay in your pocket. While you can enhance your guests experience, you can multiply your revenue by selling other experiences to them. When you are presenting everything in your hotel on just one screen without any printing cost,you can make cross sales without any other cost. By digitizing the hotel, you can reach the top of marketing with ICI! With the meaningful data you get through the application, you can manage the entire guest experience with your fingers




  • Website/Web app
  • Windows app
  • Mac app
  • Linux app
  • Android app
  • iOS app
  • Chrome extension

Launch date

January 01, 2020


May 31, 2022