Mind is a web-based video conferencing software. Joinable in 1 click, with multiplayer security and wide range of features.


Mind allows its users to set up video conferences with up to 200 speakers (video+audio) or up to 1000 speakers (audio). Mind’s unique option of customization video quality is perfectly tailored for launching conferences during the periods of network overload. Meanwhile, Mind goes far beyond being yet another good video conferencing application. It implemented a variety of instruments for workspace organization. For instance, Mind released an opportunity for sharing the boards that allows all participants to edit them together during meetings and brainstorms. Mind has its own file storage, so, all files required for your business will be always at your fingertips. To reach every employee in a couple of clicks, Mind implemented the Contacts module. With its Timetable instrument, the workflow of the team can be easily organized: imagine having Trello and Slack integrated in Zoom.




  • Website/Web app

Launch date

January 01, 2020


September 13, 2021