Karta is a modern business expense management solution that makes it convenient and easy to create real-time customized payments and simplify company spending.


Karta.io, an automated financial control system, has launched new smart credit cards, specifically designed for transparent management and automation of company expenses. This instrument facilitates smarter company spending by enabling both the finance team and employees to easily control, pay, track and report on operational expenses in real time. Karta.io is a decentralized platform that's offering a user-friendly tool that helps companies to simplify spend control, create unlimited virtual cards (virtual Visa business and MasterCard) for specific purchases in one click, set spending rules for every user, manage teams and permissions, and automate company finance reports at the snap of a finger. “Initially, we created karta.io as a service for internal use to help solve our problems, but we soon realized that this service would be useful for other companies as well. First and foremost, our solution is aimed at empowering finance teams; this allows your company to broaden the potential of its spend management process through consistency, availability, and flexibility” says CEO Nikita Zimarkov. Unlike existing platforms, this infrastructure offers an efficient budget control system with the following features: One can issue and top up an unlimited number of virtual cards, united by a digital ecosystem. Every employee receives a personal account, along with the ability to create and manage cards. Complete control over company spending with individual limits and usage rules for each employee. Employers can track the expenses of individual employees for each task, and download their company’s complete financial reports. Integrate Karta.io with pre-installed software like Quickbooks, Xero, API, or Zapier. This tool combines leading programs and innovative technologies. Karta's API fully complies with PCI-DSS 1 standards. This provides an integrated approach to information security of payment data.




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Launch date

May 09, 2021


January 14, 2022