Manage your community, organizer events easily and communicate with your members within one platform.


Kommunity is a full featured social event platform for community and event management. Using the platform reduces the use of 2 to 10 services that organizers have to interact with on a daily basis. Kommunity is available for both individual community leaders and large organizations in all kinds of spheres around the world. The main goal of Kommunity was to integrate effective community management, simplify and automate the organization of events, and add communication and socialising. Kommunity features: - Community page creation and personalization - Event organization and planning - Free registration, ticket sales and promo codes - Building personalized forms (questions, feedback, and more) - Localization: displaying the time of the event and the agenda in the participant's time zone - Adding partners, speakers and agenda to the event page - Automated event notifications - Zoom integration to automate event scheduling - Built-in broadcast player with multiple parallel streams, chat, partner booths, as well as a large selection of tools for interacting with the audience - Uploading event materials: videos, slides, photos - Mailing and participants segmentation - Socialization: mailings, private messages, discussion zones, activity feed - Community and event statistics




  • Website/Web app
  • Android app
  • iOS app

Launch date

July 05, 2019


January 04, 2022