ListenBook is designed to play all of your audio files. Audiobook fans will love the ability to adjust playback speed and tone, while anyone who struggles to fall asleep will appreciate the smart sleep timer with customizable features.


I am an independent developer from Moldova. In my spare time I make apps for iOS. I also like listening to audiobooks. I have tried many different apps for audiobooks, but they didn't work for me for different reasons. So I decided to write my own app that would be able to do what I lacked in other apps. So, I recently released the ListenBook app for iOS. It can play many different audio formats, not only regular MP3, M4B, but also AWB, FLAC and others. From other players is different built-in audio filters that can dampen the noise on amateur records, change the tone of the voice of the reader, change the playback speed and other ... As a result, the resulting application can be useful for both leisure and work processes. ListenBook is designed to play your audio files that you downloaded from the Internet or recorded yourself. For the student - record lectures on a dictaphone and listen to them with noise reduction. You'll hear only the instructor's voice without the creaks, noises of machinery, and coughs of your neighbors. If you're studying a foreign language - include repetition of an entire audio course or individual topics. Fans of audiobooks - change the playback speed, the tone of the reader's voice. You don't fall asleep well - turn on the smart sleep timer with adjustable duration, smooth volume down and a bunch of other customizable features. Everyone - turn on binaural audio processing to reduce fatigue from long listening sessions on headphones, use integration with CarPlay in your car and control from your Apple Watch.




  • iOS app

Launch date

March 14, 2023


August 04, 2023