LOAD2GO - the future of logistics and supply chain by empowering truck drivers to become trucking companies.


LOAD2GO offers benefits for everyone: 100% transparency, great transportation cost for customers and freight brokers, better load pay and work life balance for small trucking companies and professional truck drivers. Why LOAD2GO? LOAD2GO for Trucking companies: If you are a trucking company with 1-5 drivers we want to start a partnership with you. LOAD2GO is a mobile platform application that helps to run the trucking business on your phone. We offer combined load sources and show market price on each load for you to be able to compare it’s prices. 24/7/365 professional customer service to assist with anything you need: from finding truck and trailer rental, assistance in booking the best load for your drivers, insurance to legal assistance in safety and billing support. LOAD2GO for CDL Drivers: We believe that professional CDL drivers who start running their own trucking company are able to make more money and enjoy their life-work balance. LOAD2GO can assist with getting your own MC and DOT authority, find equipment if needed, consult about insurance options and safety compliance for your new business. LOAD2GO for Freight Brokers: Free of charge integrations with freight brokers to improve transportation by carefully picked carriers and professional drivers. We offer direct communication with the driver, live tracking for the shipment from pickup point to delivery point and 24/7/365 customer service to assist with any questions. LOAD2GO for Shippers and Receivers: Lack of drivers and carriers who pick up and deliver goods safely, on time and for reasonable prices result in a supply chain crisis. We offer marker prices for each load you want to ship. LOAD2GO helps to save thousands on transportation while supporting you during the transportation process and beyond. LOAD2GO for Trucking, Logistics and Supply Chain Service Providers: Vendors in trucking, logistics and supply chain, we seek to work with you. We are determined to make the process easier and more efficient for any driver, trucking company, freight broker and customer. At LOAD2GO we believe that a strong and professional network can make a difference and move the supply chain to the next level. Contact us today at 302-722-8844; send an email partners@load2go.us or visit our website https://load2go.us


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