McSmartyPants Software

Don't waste money iterating and marketing products that aren't a fit - we crowdsource your target audience for feedback and add AI to ensure its a fit upfront.


The Job Our Software Gets “Hired” For: crowdsourcing product guidance from potential customers. We help get product-market fit by using the market to guide the product's development. Entrepreneurs use us to make sure they’re putting their time and money into something with the best odds of winning. Product Managers use us because they are too busy to do market research for roadmapping; or because they want facts to back up feature selection choices; or to keep management from adding on unnecessary work. Products get everything from feature selection to pricing evaluation, competitive analysis, product name testing, and more. It comes with a full report as well as a list of potentially interested buyers who opt in during the evaluation phase. It is a pay per use SaaS product that is $495.




  • Website/Web app

Launch date

August 02, 2021


September 13, 2021