Mind Tracker

Mind Tracker — Simple mood tracker and mental state, check your emotions everyday. We help to make interaction with your personal specialist more effective.


Mind Tracker — Application for mental health * Mark the mood. Keeping a diary has a therapeutic effect and teaches you to evaluate your well-being. * Analyze. It is important to remember that the bad moments in your life are just points on a graph. Keeping statistics allows you to objectively look at the whole picture, without the influence of cognitive distortions. * Watch for influence. The application will automatically determine which events affect your mood the most. The main thing is not to forget to mark events. * Mark emotions. Emotions allow you to determine mental well-being and improve the quality of life more accurately. * Look at the calendar. Long-term use of the diary allows you to determine the cyclical nature of your mood. * Leave notes. A lot of new things are waiting for you. Right now, we are creating a smart research system for you and many other cool features.


Public beta


  • Android app
  • iOS app

Launch date

May 20, 2022


May 02, 2023