2gether we create the future of TV! Everyone can become a TV star with 1000's of live fans in their Virtual Living Room!


Welcome to One Two All OOD ( the first real together TV sharing company, allowing users to share their TV with other users around the world. This is a gigantic step forward in the TV watching experience and now you can see and hear your friends while everyone is watching your favorite TV channel/show together. 2020 was the year of the great Pandemic that will be remembered for generations, but it was also the year that changed us and the way we communicate, forever. With 12ALL Interactive TV, users can share their TV channel from anywhere in the world, with friends and family and communicate in real time while watching it. You can also create your own TV channel FREE OF CHARGE and broadcast it around the world. You can become the star of your own show and even earn money while doing this! Join us today in this exciting adventure.




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Launch date

October 26, 2020


January 20, 2023