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Penny is a unique procurement platform that helps you digitize and manage your procurement cycle from end-to-end solutions like allocating, managing, and monitoring budgets by expense accounts, projects, departments, location, and teams. Arranging procurement means requests, approvals, and POs won’t be lost in emails or offline. It maintains the purchase history and extracts & tracked the data quickly via the platform. You can pull out consolidated data reports and analysis from the platform for all your procurement activities. ==Top Features== * Procure To Pay * Procurement & Spend Management Software * B2B Marketplace * Cloud-Base SaaS Solution * Track every order from Request-to-Pay...and backward * Digitize RFQs & quotations gathering * Track every penny you spend * Control spending * Stay within your budget * Access to new suppliers via “penny marketplace” ==E-Source== * Digitize RFQs & quotations gathering * Negotiate and Request for Revision * Digitize and Document sourcing * Extract saving reports * Access to new suppliers in KSA via “penny marketplace” * Sends RFQs and POs via email and/or Whatsapp * Automated gathering and organizing of Quotations * Automated emails pushed to vendors for GNR notifications, bills, and payments".




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Launch date

September 15, 2020


July 19, 2022