Networking platform for women to help find suitable work-from-home and flexible job opportunities.


QWEEN helps connects mentors, peers and opportunities to women who desire to restart their careers. We have a network of 60000+ women based across the length and breadth of the country and who are looking for flexible opportunities. These women are technically qualified, highly educated and skilled, some having considerable past work experience but are staying at home due to maternity, child care or other personal reasons. Our mission is to provide women with training and development opportunities, as well as to create a crowd sourcing network that can be used to complete both long-term and short-term projects and job requirements, while also fostering a symbiotic relationship between women and corporations and assisting small businesses. edvantez, Colangels, salesboys, learningtime, and upGrad are some of their associated partners.




  • Website/Web app

Launch date

February 10, 2018


May 17, 2022