Really A Robot

Building robotics & AI solutions. Creators of #NoFever - service robot for public protection against viruses.


Really a Robot is an innovative Danish startup founded to push the limits of robotics with automation, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. Creator of the service robot #NoFever that helps to reduce the spread of airborne viruses and cut expenses for medium and large enterprises, educational institutions, and the entertainment industry. The service robot is equipped with artificial intelligence, sensors, and a medical-grade temperature scanner with a tolerance of 0,2°C to achieve the most precise scans adapting to persons' height. #NoFever can scan for temperature, detect if a face mask is worn correctly and also scan digital Covid-19 certificates if necessary and reduce. This increased health monitoring helps companies reduce downtime and stay open, cut costs on sick leaves for employees, increase both mental and physical well being and save resources on manual scanning and monitoring.




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Launch date

January 04, 2021


December 01, 2021