The Seers Cookie Consent Management Solution offers you full customisation and total control of your legal compliance obligations under GDPR Articles 5, 7, 12, 30, PECR Regulation 6 and CCPA section 1798.135.


Cookie consent is the permission granted by users to the website for letting it activate its trackers and cookies, which are used in the processing of personal data. In the start, cookies were used to improve the user’s experience with the website. With the rise in the need for customer’s data for targeted marketing, their function has changed. Sign up and start building your Cookie Consent Banners with Seers where we offer 5 cookie banner designs. Also, restyle banner with your own logo. Choose from 28 different languages. So what are you waiting for? Start for free now.


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Launch date

October 03, 2018


October 13, 2021