SaaS Backlinks Monitor & Management Tool that replace all your backlinks spreadsheets and improve your SEO link-building.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets SEOwl is a backlink management platform that turns your backlinks into actionable insights to enhance your SEO strategy and achieve better rankings. * *No more spreadsheets* - Centralize all your backlinks. Easily find, sort and filter your backlinks with all the data you need. * *Save time* - Quickly know which of your backlinks are alive, which are dead, and from whom you've bought them. * *Do more* - Get advanced backlink stats to perfect your SEO strategy. Upload only the backlinks you choose and get relevant stats without spam links. ==One place, for all your backlinks== Centralize your backlinks sources and stop jumping between multiple spreadsheets and tools. Easily filters the backlinks you're interested in using advanced filters and export them in various formats according to your needs. ==Stop losing money== A good part of every SEO budget is in buying links. You don't want them to die or turn no-follow behind your back, one month after purchasing them. SEOwl makes it easy to monitor all of your backlinks and checks daily which one are dead, allowing you to react quickly before losing rankings ==Get better rankings== SEOwl's systems analyze your backlinks and identify their key points like anchor text, security or rel following. With this data, you can better decide where to focus your backlinking efforts and improve your overall SEO strategy.


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August 06, 2019


October 08, 2019