SimpleSub — Telegram-bot for content monetization. It is a bot that allows you to create paid subscriptions in Telegram channels and make money on the content.


Nowadays content creators and bloggers are creating their own paid courses, chats and other types of content to earn money and promote their content products on Telegram. Usually, they carry out all payments and user access to such channels or chats manually. At the same time, they need to keep a record of these subscriptions: somehow control the subscription terms of each participant, remove from the group after the end of the subscription. 🤯 In general, it is very difficult and requires a lot of effort. Now there is an automated solution — the SimpleSub Telegram bot, which can be set up once and the client will access the content automatically after payment, and you, the author, will receive payments. Key features: ✅ SimpleSub is fully functional in Telegram. ✅ You can create an unlimited number of projects in SimpleSub. ✅ SimpleSub works with the Telegram internal payment system. ✅ Project statistics: how many users the bot has collected and how much money it earned, and can be viewed per day, per month and for all time. ✅ You can customize landing bot messages, which users use to subscribe, directly in SimpleSub and configure it separately. ✅ You can stop the project in one click. ✅ In development: soon it will be possible to send bulk messages in Telegram to everyone who communicated with the landing bot, even if the client's subscription to the channel / chat has expired. Check out our website to gain more info and watch a demo:


Public beta


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Launch date

September 29, 2021


November 05, 2021