SpotShot is a community for challenges where users can only create unique content.


SpotShot is a community of creators, explorers and heroes. This is where new challenges are created, discovered by the community and conquered by heroes. Start your own challenges. Challenge your friends and the community. Take part in challenges and show the others what you are capable of. Enjoy unique experiences on SpotShot through unique content. SpotShot is a new social network with whole new possibilities! • Feed: Scroll through the feed and discover the latest challenges. Don't miss the latest entries! • Search: Find your friends on SpotShot or search for interesting challenges. • ChallengeCreation: Create your own challenge in just a few steps and invite the community to experience something new! • ChallengeAccepted: Participate in challenges easily and upload your SpotShot to the challenge. Every SpotShot is unique! No access to the gallery! No Photoshop! Each photo exists only once! • Vote: Celebrate your heroes by liking and commenting on their SpotShots. Invite your friends to like your SpotShot and cheer you on! • Profile: Here you can find the challenges you have created and accepted. You will also find challenges you have participated in. • Community - Discover new heroes, friends and rivals. Become part of a challenging community!


Public beta


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Launch date

June 26, 2019


September 13, 2019