As a salesperson, you want to be present and responsive when engaging with your clients, not taking notes to later update the pipeline and keep your manager happy. SquareOne joins your client calls, takes your notes, and automatically updates your CRM


If you’re like us you’ve been dealing with painful CRM task for far too long, so we decided to take matters into our own hands an do something about it. Don’t get me wrong, the CRM is an incredibly powerful tool for management and pipeline analysis. But when it comes to UX for those who actually collect and input the data, there is a lot of room for improvement. Our team set out to develop a tool that puts the salesperson first, streamlines their CRM tasks, and gives back in the form of data-driven coaching and analysis. We’ve called that tool SquareOne. SquareOne joins your customer calls, transcribes the meeting, and feeds key data directly into your CRM. AI transcript analysis not only enables SquareOne to supply you with data-driven insights and coaching tips on the fly, but also reviews what aspects of previous conversations have been successful for you in order to recreate this magic. SquareOne is a simple, but powerful web extension that integrates with your existing CRM and hides away until you open a customer record or start a call. There’s no change in the way you work, except when it comes to less admin Our ‘lite’ Beta version is almost ready for release, with our full feature version currently in development and following in the coming months. We have opened our waitlist for Beta testers and will select a small number of submissions to trial our initial product. For all users that sign up to our Beta waitlist, you will receive early access to our new features as well as discounted plans We’d love any feedback and are super open to connecting with anyone that wishes to chat! Cheers, SquareOne Team


Private beta


  • Website/Web app
  • Chrome extension
  • FireFox extension
  • Other browser extensions

Launch date

September 06, 2021


October 08, 2021