Private accommodations from trusted friends and family.


Open your door to friends and family. Stayy makes it easy to manage your family's shared vacation home between all the kids, in-laws, and friends of friends. Invite only properties, multi-space scheduling calendars, social features, and nuanced pricing control lets you share or rent your private home how you choose. You can think of it as Airbnb, without the marketing platform. But Stayy is so much more because you can maintain guest anonymity or turn on social features for truly friends & family only properties. Ski-share properties are perfect to manage with Stayy, regardless of whether you're the property owner or seasonal renter. No more figuring out who's staying and paid by cobbling together google spreadsheets and facebook groups, it's all simplified with Stayy.


Public beta


  • Website/Web app

Launch date

November 01, 2022


November 22, 2022