tabExtend helps you manage your tabs. The browser extension replaces your new tab with an overview where you can create groups containing your tabs, notes, and text-snippets. Visually organize it all with ease using drag and drop and handy shortcuts.


tabExtend makes it easy to manage and find your tabs. The extension replaces your new tab and gives you the ability to visually organize and save sites by drag and drop. You can add notes, to-dos, and save text snippets. Arrange and collected it all in groups and categories that you create. It has been designed for speed and ease of use to help you quickly declutter your everyday workspace. Save all your open tabs in one go, by drag and drop or right-click any site for an option to close and save the site to a group of your choice. Then customize your group with a title and a symbol to quickly find what you are looking for. Context switch effortlessly between groups of tabs with one-click for opening and closing.




  • Chrome extension
  • FireFox extension
  • Other browser extensions

Launch date

January 18, 2021


May 04, 2021