Tactful AI

Tactful offers an omnichannel and AI powered customer care software. We help businesses thrive by enabling meaningful and effective engagement with their customers using solutions created by our world-class engineering, and diverse team.


Tactful Unified Cognitive Customer Experience Platform (UCX) is next-generation customer experience technology, using state of the art artificial intelligence and omnichannel technology we help businesses boost customer retention by up to 60%, channels conversion by up to 250%, and productivity by up to 80%. Tactful UCX helps businesses achievethis by delivering the following four technology pillars: 1- Omnichannel engagement technology, delivering a consistent experience across all touch-points that results in great customer satisfaction and retention 2- Central customer experience management system, boosting operational excellence, productivity, and visibility 3- End-to-end customer experience augmentation using multi-lingual AI and workflows automation, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction 4- Customer 360-view and business intelligence empowering continues improvement and uncovering new business opportunities


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Launch date

July 10, 2017


February 16, 2021