Telios is a privacy-first company. Telios is a private email service that allows you to securely send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails over a peer-to-peer network.


Telios gives you complete ownership of your data by encrypting and storing everything on your local devices. No third party, government, or even Telios can read your unencrypted data. The only way to access your unencrypted data is by using a memorized master password on your physical device. The service was designed to use external servers as little as possible and know next to nothing about each user. Your devices have absolute control over how your data is shared, encrypted, and stored and will default to using the peer-to-peer network whenever possible.


Public beta


  • Website/Web app
  • Windows app
  • Linux app
  • Android app
  • iOS app

Launch date

February 05, 2019


May 13, 2022