Filter spam, categorize and manage your daily bombardment of notifications with the Tring Notification Assistant.


Tring is an AI powered notification assistant which manages the everyday bombardment of notifications you receive on your phone. It seamlessly integrates into the notification panel of your phone, categorizes your notifications, filters all spam and most importantly, only notifies you when necessary. Notifications are an important channel for apps and marketers to reach smartphone users. From being a tool for one to be notified when important, the notifications system has become a way in which apps can disrupt the focus, attention and daily lives of users. The continuous sounds and vibrations of your phone draw you to use it because we've been classically conditioned over a period of time to peek into our phones when there's a notification. Tring solves the issue by removing the uncertainty every time your phone demands your attention. You're focus is only disrupted when there are important notifications which require your attention. The rest are categorized and can wait for you to go through with ease as you please.


Private beta


  • Android app


August 08, 2019