Vigtec is making complex investing easy with the first-of-its-kind algo-driven investment decision-making platform for stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds and futures.


For less than the cost of 1 share of Netflix, you can equip yourself with the following Wall Street-level investing tools all year: ==EXPLORE SEARCH== Compare stocks, ETFs and mutual funds in similar categories, industries, and sectors using our proprietary vSCORE to find best-in-class investment options. ==WATCHLIST== Track, filter, and organize the securities and investing interests that matter most to you with integrated scoring and real-time market movement updates. ==PORTFOLIO== Control, diversify, and position all of your investments from your computer or mobile device, whether you create vigtec paper trading account or link to your brokerage. ==OPTIONS LAB== Tell the Lab your stock or ETF scenario, and it’ll algorithmically compute the best strategies in the options universe to find you the most optimal outcome for any situation. ==MARKET INDICATORS== Make informed decisions like the pros with real-time market indicators. Take your investing to the next level with algo-driven custom indicators, such as TRIN, GEX, Put/Call Ratio, Volatility and Max Pain. ==ALERTS AND MY ACTIVITY== Let algos capture every market moment that matters to you. Invest with the full power of vigtec algos to automatically track and notify you of everything from Market Volatility and Spikes, to Portfolio Balance, Health, and more. ==vspace ALGO STORE== Experience with the first-ever investing algo store that gives you the power to acquire vigtec's proprietary algos to tailor your tools to how you invest. Choose from an extensive variety of algos for things like Portfolios, Positions, Charting, Option Strategies and Market Indicators. IN-APP INVESTING KNOWLEDGEBASE Whether you're an experienced investor or just getting started, you're sure to learn something from our expansive in-app knowledgebase featuring 1,000+ articles on topics including searching, monitoring, and trading securities, portfolio management, charting, options, and more.


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September 08, 2020


September 18, 2020