Vineleaf aims to revolutionize patients' appointments and aftercare by using artificial intelligence to increase operational efficiency within public and private health services.


Seeking any type of appointment with the health professionals is nerve-racking and hard to get unless you get in the queue early in the day or get a referral from GP. Currently, there is no way to know or rank who truly needs consultation based on the issues that health practitioners are unaware of. Furthermore, for consistent need for revisiting or monitoring health issues, it is a very tedious process for the patients to feedback or get updates from the doctor. Vineleaf, can revolutionize how care is given. Ultimately, giving patients greater control of their care outcome from the start to the end of their care, establishing a personalized baseline and receiving notification as patient conditions changes and realizing more rapid, personalized treatment and communication for more efficient patient management across the care continuum.


Early adopters


  • Website/Web app
  • iOS app

Launch date

March 07, 2022


September 21, 2022