It allows bloggers and content writers to embed life-like voice dictation of their blogs directly into their content for FREE in one click. This way they can reach their busy readers via interactive blogs that can speak and increase retention.


Voicera was created from a personal need to listen to the articles from my favorite bloggers. But, it’s text, you can’t really listen to it. I’m sure we all have come across a situation where we have found a great article, but we don’t have time to read it. So, we bookmark it for later reading. Little did we know, after a certain amount of time it gets stockpiled like a stack of papers in an attorney’s room. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? What if there was an option to listen to the article on the website where you found that article? How great it would be? That’s why we created Voicera. Using Voicera, bloggers and content writers can embed a life-like voice dictation of their blogs directly into their content. All of this in one click. Just copy and paste your article’s link into our dashboard, select the voice you want, and in an instant, you’ll get a life-like AI-based voice dictation HTML embed which you can add to your content so that readers who don’t have time to focus on reading can listen to your great article while doing some other work. It’s a great way to increase user experience. Features including: 🆓 It’s FREE to use in beta ♾️ Lifetime validity 🖱️ One-click audio embed creator 🎧 Enables your readers to become your listeners 🌐 Supports English US/UK/India dialects. More languages coming soon. 🦅Extremely lightweight, measuring at just ~2.2 KB 🎁 2000 Free Credits - Use Code “KJFPIY” The users that opt for audio typically do so because they don’t have the time or patience to read or watch (multitasking is the no.1 motivation to choose an audio experience). Thus, increasing the time users spend on your website and their pages per session. The bottom line – audiofying content will result in more users and more hours throughout the day when users are engaging with your content.


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August 28, 2021


October 08, 2021