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Spordy is a free and fun way to find and connect with people to pursue your sporting interests and fitness goals. Playing sports with others is fun but finding the right sports buddies can be challenging. Sometimes you may have an out of the ordinary sporting ambition, or hey, you may need some motivation and inspiration! Spordy takes away the inconvenience of finding the right sports buddies. The less energy you spend looking around for people, the more time you'll have to be out there – playing sports. If you feel the same way then become a Spordy today! App features: Find a Spordy: Find and play with Spordys around you basis any sport, distance, age, gender and / or fitness goals. Find an Event: search for sports / fitness events around you Create an event: Want to go cycling with other Spordys? You can now create sports / fitness events and Invite other Spordys to join your events Messages: Send messages to Spordys in your network.




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September 02, 2015